Living and leading with consciousness allows you to enjoy an authentic, fulfilling, and successful life, while becoming an agent for transformation, and inspiring others through your example. Together we will create space for you to pause, reflect, focus, and make decisions based on what is most important to you and to your organisation.


As your Transpersonal Coach, I will partner with you to develop your inner capacities and your ability to: 

  •  Create self-awareness and balance: generate inner well-being so that you can show up at your best and lead from a space of calm and presence.


  • Maximise your impact: access your inner wisdom, develop your strengths and work on your areas of improvement.


  • Learn to manage your mind and emotions: connect with your emotions and with the emotions of others, identify triggers and consciously choose how to respond to each situation.


  • Be courageous and authentic: communicate and inspire from your heart, generating trust and commitment.


  • Cultivate resilience: turn challenges into opportunities to learn, grow and improve, and conflicts into opportunities to strengthen relationships.


  • Empower others: learn to be with others in a way that meets them where they are, while supporting them to recognise and develop their potential. 


If you care about using your influence positively and effectively, it will be an honor for me to partner with you and to co-create the next steps that will get you where you want to be. 

"It is possible to lead authentically and effectively, while contributing to the creation of a more conscious, compassionate, and sustainable world"

- Natalia Geiger -