I love to spend time with myself, be in nature, travel, and share moments of deep connection and fun with my friends and family. I was born half North-American and half Spanish, and currently I live in Marbella, Spain, from where I work with individuals globally. 



Life has proven to me over and over, that every experience we have has the potential to help us grow and evolve, as individuals and collectively. Through my own suffering, I discovered a universal truth: We are all powerful beings, capable of transforming our own suffering and of experiencing inner peace and fulfilment. (Regardless of the circumstances)

Up to the age of 13 I grew up in a home filled with affection and financial abundance, until my father was diagnosed with cancer. This tore our family apart and turned my life upside-down. I was still at that stage of development where we tend to idealise our parents and I saw him as my best friend and my protector. A year after he passed, my mother and I were both diagnosed with depression. That same year, I began to wake up in the middle of the night with anxiety and I developed a dysfunctional relationship with food. I went from one relationship to the next, looking for someone to ease my pain and to make me feel loved.

For several years I tried different types of therapy, I took medication and I read every self-help book that I could get my hands on. All of this provided me with temporary relief, but nothing led to a permanent change. Although from the outside it looked like I led wonderful life, on the inside I felt empty, lonely and distressed. Living with anxiety was my natural state and just getting through the day was my main goal. Trapped in the past and fearful of the future, I tried to keep busy and distracted with dance, exercise, travelling and relationships.  

On the other hand, it was impossible for me to ignore the changes that I was seeing in my mother, who began to attend sessions with a woman called Alicia E. Moreno. (Although she is not trained in energy therapy, Alicia, through her gift to heal at a soul level, transmits the knowledge that she receives from her inner guide to steer and guide people towards knowing themselves and following the path of their soul). Even though I felt great resistance to going to see her, I chose to try it. She told me that if I wanted to change, I needed to realise that I had to take responsibility. I didn't like that at all (I put up so much resistance) and I left with the decision to never return. I even asked my mother to never speak to me about her again.

Life however, continued to give me what I needed. Exhausted from running away from myself, I still needed to touch further bottom. I began to fear for my life, and so I decided to go to a centre for eating disorders.

Although I was not aware of it, back then, I believed that it was easier to not take care of myself and to give others that responsibility. The doctors told me that I was ill and that I needed to have someone by my side all the time. The vision of the life that awaited me caused me such terror, that it woke me up. For the first time I saw with total clarity, that there were only two paths and that the decision was mine. I could continue blaming my circumstances or I could take responsibility for my own life. To my surprise, I decided to visit Alicia, and so began my journey of healing and of learning how to consciously work on myself.

Through my inner journey I began to learn “the hows” that I had always been seeking for. Among them, how to love myself unconditionally, how to work on and transcend my ego and how to self-manage and cultivate my inner resources. As a result, over time I began experiencing increasingly more peace and joy.


NYC, at a company where I made a “good living”. I began to feel unfulfilled and trapped. I had changed a lot since I had graduated and I no longer fitted in with the traditional aggressive and persuasive ways of doing business. But I was so afraid of making a change. Furthermore... A change, to do what?

Then life, as it always does, with all of its generosity and love, gave me once again what I needed. I injured my foot and my back, and so began a long phase of 5 years of physical limitation. I could barely walk or sit, and I had very few external resources left to hold onto. I again was faced with two options: either to end my life or to take on life’s invitation to learn to accept, trust and be at peace with what is.

It took a lot of practice and what I experienced is this: We are all 100% responsible for our happiness. Without exception. When my thoughts change, how I feel and the way I perceive the world changes and, as a result, so does my whole life. Although I still couldn’t walk, the days when I believed my fearful thoughts, I would experience suffering and it would be a living hell, but the days when I managed to remain connected to love and trust, I would feel contentment, peace and harmony within myself and with the circumstances.

Thanks to this situation which invited me to stretch far beyond my confort zone, I learned to put into practice many of the concepts that in the previous stages I had understood in theory, but still had not fully integrated within myself. Everything that I had always wished for was right there, within me, simply waiting for me to wake up and to realise it.



The way in which I handled the situation drew the attention of the people around me. I began sharing what I had learned with those who showed interest and, found myself working in the field of personal and professional development. I had discovered my life’s purpose. I then decided to train as a Coach, as the vehicle to partner with people and inspire them to take responsibility, develop their potential and create inner well-being and fulfilment in their own lives.


I am eternally thankful to all the people who supported me during these experiences (you know who you are). Among these, my mother, Teresa García Ruz, for always being there with her unconditional love, and to my three greatest teachers; to Alicia E. Moreno for her light and guidance, to my highest Self, for never giving up; and to the Divine Source of Life, for every single experience and for its immense kindness, because it is always giving us what we need to evolve and set ourselves free.


With all my love,





I am a Certified Professional Coach and a Generative Wholeness Practitioner with InviteCHANGE, and hold an ACC credential with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 







"Only by accepting and working on our darkness, can we discover and experience the infinite power of our light" 

- Natalia Geiger - 



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