Carmen Muñoz Astasio

Es un espejo que llega hasta tu interior y te ayuda a trabajar cada cosa que necesitas enfrentar. Encuentro en ella la ayuda y la respuesta casi sin darme cuenta. Una guía y una fuente de energía inagotable…”

Auditora, Madrid
Full Audit

Miriam Del Castillo

Natalia me ayuda a entender y a comprender por lo que estoy pasando, a descubrir mis fortalezas y debilidades y a trabajar estas últimas para superar situaciones. Me conozco mejor y me hago más fuerte gracias a ello. En líneas generales, las sesiones con Natalia me han ayudado a ser más balanceada emocionalmente, lo que me hace llevar una vida mejor y con menos estrés, pues me he vuelto menos reactiva, al identificar mis reacciones negativas ante situaciones o cambios de planes inesperados. Por ejemplo, ahora me pauso y observo, en vez de reaccionar con mi típica ira o ego, soy más calmada  y vivo más feliz.»



Especialista en Comercio Internacional y Escritora, Madrid
Universidad de Nebrija

Victoria Garcia Ruz

Natalia me ha ayudado a aclararme con como quiero realizar mis nuevos proyectos de trabajo y a expresar y transmitir en que consisten y cuáles son los beneficios. He quedado muy muy satisfecha. Ha merecido la pena y lo recomiendo de corazón.»

Profesora de BodyRolling especializada en salud con consciencia, Granada

Emily Chee Wah

I thoroughly enjoyed my time being coached by Natalia. She is warm and intuitive and helps you to feel heard and safe in her presence»

ICF Leadership & Life Coach, Trinidad & Tobago
Founder of Your LifePath

Emily Åkerblom

Natalia has an amazing ability to support me in gaining clarity and her compassion inspires me so much.
l can be lost, sad or frustrated, and somehow, from the beginning of the session she tunes in, and lets me find my path and my answers. She teaches me how to work on myself for the true lasting changes in my life.»


International Project Manager, Paris

Equipo Narp Training, Estudios de Entrenamiento Personal.

Dolores Cruz Cabrera

Natalia es una persona luminosa que desprende energía positiva y me ha ayudado a encontrar un camino que hay que recorrer para alcanzar la paz conmigo misma. Su empatía y confianza te ayudan a ver que hay una salida para los conflictos que no te dejan ver con claridad el horizonte. Ella te acompaña en el proceso y te da pautas interesantes para seguir tú misma el camino que deseas. Recomendaría completamente su ayuda para buscar la esencia de lo que queremos ser.»

Profesora de instituto, Marbella, España
I.E.S. Guadalpín

Executive Manager at a Law Firm

Through my coaching conversations with NataliaI was able to identify several things (memories, experiences, feelings) in my subconscious that I was eventually able to move to my conscious side and thereafter start the healing process. Some were easier than others to comprehend, assimilate and accept but looking back, the efforts and perseverance with the ups and downs were definitely worth it.  Once I was able to grasp the concepts and rationalise the ideas for myself, the fear started to disappear and be replaced with confidence and reassurance that there was no real danger in moving onward and upward. The pace of the sessions was generally set by myself, based on my progress since the previous meeting, but Natalia was always on hand to adjust and refocus attention where it was needed at times.»

Marbella, Spain

Patricia Barra Delgado

Estoy muy contenta y satisfecha de haber podido trabajar con Natalia cambios que queríamos hacer en la manera de trabajar en nuestra empresa y me ha encantado la manera en que nos ha guiado, nos ha hecho reflexionar y nos ha ayudado. Además, me ha ayudado mucho a organizar  mi cabeza, sentirme mejor, poner pies a tierra y estar más presente o consciente de lo que quiero y de lo que me hace sentir bien, que para mi es lo más importante.»

CEO, Marbella, España

Bjorn Gromoll, Germany

“I reached out to Natalia to excel my career in a way that also made me feel happier and more fulfilled. With her coaching, I was able to quickly identify what was holding me back and what I needed to focus on in order to move forward with efficiency and greater fulfilment. The process has been surprisingly revealing and it has equipped me with tools that I can continue to use on my own in the future. I really recommend Natalia to anyone who wishes to develop their career and create more balance in their life”

Visual Effects Supervisor & Trainer

ICF Professional Certified Coach

Coaching with Natalia helped me see how fear had crept into a specific area of my life, taken hold and was keeping me from moving forward towards things I really wanted and cared about. The awareness + clarity that fear was keeping me stuck helped me find the courage to take action by picking one next step to act on and move myself out of the stuckness. Thank you Natalia for your partnership in my process! It’s a moment and lesson I will remember for a long time to come.»


Cristina Martín Martín

La experiencia de coaching con Natalia me ha descubierto facetas de mi misma que estaban escondidas bajo una capa de dudas, comodidad y miedo (más bien pánico) a dejar mi zona de confort. Ahora procuro hacer las cosas que me dan miedo, para superarlo y sentirme bien conmigo misma. Y eso ha sido gracias a las enseñanzas y herramientas que Natalia me ha proporcionado, sumamente valiosas. El método que practica es muy efectivo, y muy fácil de interiorizar, por lo que se consiguen estupendos resultados. Me ha enseñado a clarificar mis verdaderos valores, y a enfocar mi vida respecto a ellos.

CEO y Diseñadora

Sarah Gonzi

I started my journey with Natalia with an expectation that it would be an intellectualised learning process. Then, as a result of our sessions, I discovered very early on (around the second session) that this journey was evolving into a deeply personal and emotional experience. During the first few weeks of our coaching sessions, I felt my emotions swing between discomfort, confusion, liberation and elation. However throughout all of this turmoil, I always felt safe and supported by Natalia, and treated with kindness and respect. This combined with our focus on accountability, honesty and constructive feedback has created a truly remarkable experience for me. I started to accept my feelings and allow myself to feel vulnerable. These changes were fundamental to the new ways I perceive and think about myself. They opened up my subconscious persona and connected heart, mind and spirit in a truly profound way. I can’t imagine suppressing this connection and want to experience more of it. I now accept that focussing on my Vision has harnessed those dormant skills and emotions which truly connect me to my life’s purpose. I trust myself, I’m more connected to my feelings and I have rediscovered the courage and compassion within myself to continue on this incredible journey.

People, Projects & Change Manager & IT Delivery Manager
HSBC, Financial Services, UK



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